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Paul Niel

Paul Niel

Social entrepreneur

Climer, adventurer, and motivational speaker, Paul Niel landed in Hong Kong six years ago for a job in finance, only to leave the corporate world behind to a driving force in co-founding two Hong Kong start-ups: Peared and Luxarity. Both based in Hong Kong, Peared is an augmented hearing aid that has branched into a lifestyle company geared towards the need of the Hong Kong elderly population and Luxarity is an enterprise company with a mission to upcycle luxury fashion.

Seeking to solve humanities grand challenges, Neil has given TED Talks, invested in innovative businesses in Europe and Asia, and is a sought-after technology and motivational speaker—no surprise on the latter. He also went on to scale Mount Everest, becoming one of only a handful of mountaineers to have done so, and successfully completed the epic “seven-summit” quest by climbing each continent's highest peak.

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