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Norma Chu
Media, Marketing & Advertising

Norma Chu

Founder, DayDayCook
Location: Hong Kong

From a passionate food blogger to household name in China’s social media sphere, Norma Chu cemented her start-up claim to fame with her digital recipe hub, DayDay Cook. With 1.6 million app downloads and over 200 to 250 million daily hits on its Facebook page, youtube channel, website, and app, Dayday Cook, bilingual cooking-made-easy videos, have revolutionized how Hong Kongers and Mainlanders experiment with food. Expanding her digital reach, Dayday Cook has spun an e-commerce platform where customers can purchase sauces and cookbooks. In 2017, DayDay Cook raised over USD $17.4million for it’s long-term strategy to expand into China. Alibaba and businessman Adrian Cheng, largely rooted in the art world, were some of its top investors. Norma, with the help of her business partner Adrian Cheng, is now looking to open a physical store in Shanghai.

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