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The Gen.T List Noel Guevara
Noel Guevara
Media, Marketing & Advertising
For producing poignant images that highlight pressing environmental issues

Noel Guevara

Conservation and Wildlife Photographer
Location: Philippines

This visual storyteller uses thought-provoking images to document the relationships between communities and their environment, highlighing ways in which they can become more sustainable. Recently his photo of a crab in a plastic cup went viral, appearing on the front pages of international newspapers.

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A photograph's innate ability to spread awareness is a categorical truth that is actualised the moment the photo is taken
The real power of effective photography—and this is what I see as the purpose of my work—is to spark discourse and encourage discussion
My work on single-use plastic with Greenpeace went viral the most, with images of my cup and crab photo appearing on frontpages of broadsheets in Madrid, Paris, Italy, worldwide publication in online sites, and inclusion in exhibits

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