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Neo Mei Lin

Neo Mei Lin

NUS researcher

From scientist to science communicator, Neo Mei Lin, has dedicated her career to saving one species in particular: the giant clam. Currently, Neo a researcher at the National University of Singapore studying how to prevent the endangered giant clams in the Indo-Pacific oceans from nearing extinction. Proving that one individual can make a difference, she has single handedly spearheaded the giant clam breeding and restocking programme in 2011; now oversees the transplantation of baby clams in Singapore's reefs and monitors their growth and survivorship. More recently, the pint-sized research fellow was a 2017 TED Fellow, and has long list of accolades includes: World Future Foundation Ph.D. Prize in Environment and Sustainability (2014); L'Oreal for Women in Science National Fellowship (2015); Singapore's Women Weekly Great Women of our Time honouree (2015); Young Scientist, World Economic Forum (2016); AsianScientist 100 (2017). It is obvious that the 32-year-old will continue to make waves with her meaningful work, which you can catch a glimpse of on her blog, Psychedelic Nature

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