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The Gen.T List Neo Mei Lin
Neo Mei Lin
Healthcare & Sciences

Neo Mei Lin

Marine biologist
Location: Singapore

Of all the creatures in the vast oceans, marine biologist Neo Mei Lin has dedicated her career to saving one species in particular: the giant clam. Proving that an individual can make a difference, her efforts to save them from those who think of them as delicious have earned her kudos: a pivotal paper she published in 2015 has been highlighted by Thomson Reuters, Wired and the World Economic Forum. More recently, the pint-sized research fellow at the St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory of the National University of Singapore’s Tropical Marine Science Institute was also chosen as the only Singaporean TED Fellow to speak at the TED conference in Vancouver, Canada. It is obvious that Mei Lin will continue to make waves with her meaningful work, which you can catch a glimpse of on her blog, Psychedelic Nature.

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