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Nana Chan

Nana Chan

Founder of Plantation and Teakha

Believing in the power a good cup of tea could provide the world, Nana Chan, a former lawyer, quit her law firm and is now the owner of two tea brands, Teakha and Plantation. Working in tandem, both Teakha, a modern-day tea house, nestled in a quiet corner of Sheung Wan, and Plantation, a craft tea company sourcing from around the global, work together as Chan’s entrepreneurial venture to revitalize an interest in tea. A true feat in a world that has often favoured coffee.

Personally seeking to reinvigorate an interest in tea, amongst a new generation that has wholeheartedly embraced craft beer and organic coffee, Plantation has just launched a series of Japanese tea workshops by IPPODO TEA Co. from Kyoto, one of the oldest purveyors of quality Japanese green teas.

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