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Mica F Tan
Finance & Venture Capital
For excelling in private equity

Mica F Tan

Co-Founder and CEO, MFT Group Of Companies
Location: Philippines

Mica is a co-founder of the MFT Group, a private equity firm that restructures the corporate blueprints of family legacy businesses. With a presence in 18 cities and offices in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York, its assets stand at more than US$61 million, with a diverse portfolio of finance, healthcare and food and beverage companies. Last year, she received an Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneur Enabler award from entrepreneurship organisation Go Negosyo.

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The mindset that would help me and other women is coming prepared, being humble enough to say what we don’t know and what we know and, if we know certain things, then having enough confidence to show our abilities
It’s really about surrounding myself with people who are better than me, smarter than me, faster than me, and having the humility to learn from everybody around us
The best advice that I could give to young women like myself is that some battles are not worth your time, so choose what you fight for wisely

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