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The Gen.T List Mark Bumgarner
Mark Bumgarner
Fashion & Beauty

Mark Bumgarner

Fashion Designer, Mark Bumgarner
Location: Philippines

Mark did not start out in the world of fashion but has now become a force to be reckoned with. It is hard to believe that he was once a professional race car driver as his hot label is sold internationally. He is the frst Filipino apparel designer to be part of Moda Operandi’s list of designers and continues to dress some of the Philippines’ most fashionable in society. As of late, he has expanded his atelier, churned out his much-anticipated RTW collections and stunning bridal line. With his ever growing fame, Mark looks up to the design greats, and hopes to emulate how they have built and sustained their empires. When not fully immersed in the world of fashion, Mark is either going for a drive, hiking, playing tennis, or hying off to the beach for a much-needed escape.

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