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The Gen.T List Mao Xuelei
Mao Xuelei
The Arts

Mao Xuelei

Founder, Mao Creations
Location: China

As a curator devoted to combining the table and art, Mao Xuelei focuses on high-end table design. Thanks to her sophisticated creativity, the table ceases to be an accessory of daily social interaction and is transformed into an artwork that manifests its owners’ taste and has its own features. For Xuelei, the table is a stage, a concentration of artistic trends and a perfect interpretation of home style. She uses the table as a special place from which to present stories to her audiences and to create unique interactive experiences integrating drama, music, dance, poetry, table art and decorative aesthetics. Over the past two years, her company Mao Creations has, by integrating table art with product DNA in the form of visual art, cooperated with more than 50 world-renowned brands, among them Mercedes Benz, Christofle, Lane Crawford and 10 Corso Como.

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