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Louise Mabulo
Social Entrepreneurship
For training farmers in agroforestry techniques and protecting against deforestation

Louise Mabulo

Location: Philippines

At just 20 years old, Louise Mabulo won the Young Champions of the Earth Prize from The United Nations Environment Programme for The Cacao Project. Focusing on how agricultural and environmental needs can both be met with the right mindset, she has been instrumental in helping the farmers of the Philippines’ Bicol region learn new sustainable techniques, while fighting against deforestation and habitat loss for local animals.

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If you want to change the world, it’s very difficult to do it far off. It’s best to do it in your own home town, fixing something in your neighbourhood that’s close to you, because they’re your lived experiences
We want to remove the stigma surrounding agriculture in our town… we want young people to realise that it’s actually like an art form—like wines and cheeses

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