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The Gen.T List Liz Uy
Liz Uy
Fashion & Beauty

Liz Uy

Founder, Stylized Studio and Social Media Influencer
Location: Philippines

Stylist, social media influencer and founder of Stylized Studio, the perpetually fashion-forward Liz is a hive of edgy creativity, ideas and concepts. Major brands and labels consult and look to her for creative direction to scale up and mobilise campaigns to achieve the golden outcome of salability. She’s garnered international media recognition from countless websites and social media accounts such as and Into The Gloss. She is also represented by no less than The Society Management NYC. Her time is split between taping as a rather “juicy” persona on the popular reality series It Girls on E! Asia, is collaborating with renowned fashion brands, and online luxury retailer Despite soaring to dizzying heights of success, Liz has managed to miraculously balance her personal and family life with work. “Success,” she says, “is when you unknowingly inspire and touch lives with what you do.” What’s next for this bright star? “I am currently working on things one day at a time and I’m also just waiting for life to surprise me!”

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