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The Gen.T List Keshia Hannam
Keshia Hannam
Philanthropy & Charity

Keshia Hannam

Co-founder, Camel Assembly
Location: Hong Kong

Women should collaborate, not compete. So says Keshia Hannam—and she’s doing something about it. In October 2016 Keshia co-founded Camel Assembly, a community where diverse female leaders gather to consciously connect, create and campaign. Key events have included the International Women’s Day Be Bold For Change campaign in March 2017, facilitation of the Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize in December 2017, and the #ActiveActivist campaign, which highlighted dozens of women across the world making change on an everyday basis. The desire to connect people with issues has been part of Keshia’s world for years—when she wasn’t writing for various platforms about the environment, equality and other important topics, she was part of the founding team at Metta, an innovation network established in Hong Kong to bring together people, ideas and resources.

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