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The List Justin Fulcher
Justin Fulcher

Justin Fulcher

Creator, RingMD

A technopreneur at heart and in health, Justin Fulcher got his start early in life by setting up a string of as a teenager, before founding RingMD. An online platform, RingMD gives patients—even those in rural areas with low bandwidth—to medical and non-medical health experts around the world through digital products -- including an app, remote-diagnostics wearable technology and a chatbot.Launched and headquartered in Singapore, the company has since spread through all of Southeast Asia with the mission of providing affordable healthcare to all. Changing directions, Justin announced this October that RingMD is in the final stages of an acquisition deal with a US-based Private Equity Group. RingMD’s journey as a independent company has come to a close with the future filled with bigger possibilities as it will soon relocate its headquarters to Boston.

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