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The Gen.T List James Centenera
James Centenera
For advancing innovation in education

James Centenera

Co-founder and CEO, The Ultimate Learning Centre (TULA)
Location: Philippines

James co-founded TULA, an after-school learning centre that employs a combination of activities and tech to help students learn while developing critical thinking and social skills. Also a McKinsey advisor, last year he co-founded two entities in Australia: The Proving Ground, an alternative to university for those who want to become future business leaders, and School Transformation Group, which helps turn schools into world class institutions.

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Opportunities should be available to everyone, no matter where they are born or who their parents are
The transformative education that we deliver doesn’t happen in a week, a month or a few months. It takes time. So we realised we really had to educate parents on their role in guiding their children and how we can help

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