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Ian Alexander Ang
Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy
For engineering seriously comfortable premium gaming chairs

Ian Alexander Ang

Co-founder and CEO, Secretlab
Location: Singapore

The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars, and Ian and his co-founder Alaric Choo are right at the heart of the action. The pair head Secretlab, an award-winning gaming chair specialist with a global partnership with Riot Games, the video game developer behind League of Legends, and collaborations with the likes of electronic musician deadmau5 and footballer Dele Alli. In 2020, he was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year, the youngest to have ever received the award.

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We try to treat each day as if it is our Day One. Basically, we have to constantly innovate, improve and prove ourselves so that we keep growing
Grit is needed for achieving success. This doesn’t mean blindly going at something endlessly, but having the mental fortitude to take on multiple problems at once without taking the easy solution

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