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The Gen.T List Huang Xufu (Michael)
Huang Xufu (Michael)
The Arts

Huang Xufu (Michael)

Co-founder, M Woods
Location: China

Huang Xufu is committed to the promotion and popularisation of contemporary art among the public, and especially among young people. He encourages students to include art education in their daily courses and has launched public art education programmes. As an art patron, Zufu is also enthusiastic about cultivating and supporting young artists, with a special focus on art works that combine art and technology. In 2016, he worked closely with The Andy Warhol Museum in the US to exhibit the works of this Pop Art master in M Woods, the modern and contemporary art museum he co-founded in Beijing. In the same year, he became the youngest guest to be invited to give a speech at Harvard University and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In the summer of 2017, Xufu organised a large exhibition, Heart of the Tin Man, which was aimed at redefining the human sensory experience in a world dominated by technology and the Internet.

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