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Hao Jingfang
The Arts

Hao Jingfang

Science fiction writer and founder, Tongxing Academy
Location: China

Science fictionist Hao Jingfang has extensive knowledge of astrophysics and macroeconomics and has a doctorate from Tsinghua University. Her writing works span the real and virtual worlds. When writing, Jingfang will imagine a world and then push to find some reason within it. She will not go on writing unless there is logic. Her early works won a number of prizes, but it was her 2016 novella Folding Beijing that cemented her status as a young rising star in the science fiction world when it won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette, the highest honour bestowed in science fiction. Jingfang’s follow-up, The Other Shore of Humanity was published in November 2017. Apart from writing, Jingfang also devotes herself to charity and public welfare. In February 2017, she established Tongxing Academy, a public welfare education project, and WePlanets, a children's creativity education project.

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