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The Gen.T List Guo Tingting
Guo Tingting

Guo Tingting

CEO, GeseDNA Technology
Location: China

Today almost every analysis report predicts that genetic detection technology will change the world in the next decade, but this industry is still a labyrinth. This means that industrial entrepreneurs have to blaze new paths rather than planting flowers on existing roads. Guo Tingting believes DNA data will become a tool for people of the new era to use to learn about themselves. However, this idea sounds quite strange today. To enhance public knowledge and arouse public interest in this respect, the idea that DNA can help people understand themselves must be spread. Ting Ting founded GeseDNA Technology in August 2015, because she was not satisfied with DNA detection and was keen to develop professional detection tools to support self-discovery and provide users with personal portraits from different angles using machine learning algorithms. In early April 2017, GeseDNA Technology launched a new product – a test kit capable of detecting 700,000 genetic loci. What Tingting and the whole team at GeseDNA hope to do is to deliver a “gene + environment” method of exploring humanity. She believes that the way people look at themselves and others will be defined by these more scientific and diversified tools.

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