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The Gen.T List Fudy Chen
Fudy Chen
Food & Beverage

Fudy Chen

Deputy general manager and culinary instructor, Gloria Hotel Group
Location: Taiwan

Fudy Chen has been interested in catering since he was a child. After graduating from the Department of Food & Beverage Management at Cornell University, he went to study in top Michelin restaurants, including Per Se in New York and Manresa in Los Angeles. After returning to Taiwan, he worked for the family business as deputy general manager and culinary instructor of Gloria Hotel Group, and began to actively develop the L'idiot, TK Seafood and Steak, East End Bar and other restaurants and bars of the group. East End Bar ranked 39th in Asia's 50 Best Bars in 2017, the first bar in Taiwan to receive this honour. More recently, Fudy established Ever Lucky Taiwan Corp. and expanded his farm business into two farms in Tianmu and Shenkeng, Taipei. His natural and non-toxic crops are not only supplied to in-house restaurants, but also to restaurants and markets outside the group.

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