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The List Francesca Chia
Francesca Chia

Francesca Chia

Chief Community Manager, GoGet

It all started with a simple thought, of viewing the city in a whole new way, in which people can connect and tell others what they needed. Francesca then founded GoGet—an open-market personal assistance platform, which helps thousands of people with their errands. Apart from easing the lives of many in the country (she stresses that GoGet is fundamentally anchored on the ability to grow the labour market in a flexible way), she is also proud of those who are impacted by GoGet—not just the customers, but the GoGetters themselves. "We have GoGetters who used to be stay-at-home mums who never had a job, as well as people who have been unemployed but are now earning enough for a new car. If we can put money into these people’s pockets and they can then use that to achieve their goals, that is amazing to me," said Francesca.

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