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Faiz Ariffin

Faiz Ariffin

Founder, FZGEAR
Location: Malaysia

Actions have always spoken louder than words for Faiz, whose fateful venture into bodybuilding stemmed from a desire to improve his competitive swimming performance and taekwondo skills at 14. He shuns shortcuts and approached natural bodybuilding with resilient training, backed by scientific research. Faiz's hard work paid off, and saw him get third place in his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 19. His passion propelled him, and he continued to bag multiple world competitions and rankings in the bodybuilding circuit, such as the Asian and World Championships. Faiz is currently developing his own brand of quality workout wear, FZgear, and advocates a healthy lifestyle as the face of AirAsia fitness as he helps thousands of followers online to achieve their body goals.

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My aim is to instil a belief system and positive perception towards health and fitness among the youth.

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