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The Gen.T List Erwan Heussaff
Erwan Heussaff

Erwan Heussaff

Content Creator and Creative Director,
Location: Philippines

Eating, cooking, travelling, engaging in competitive sports, and creating video content—Erwan has done a stellar job of professionalising pretty much all his hobbies. Speaking of videos and VOD (video on demand) content, he has 461,237 YouTube subscribers to date and is in the midst of taping eight episodes of Origins for (which will feature recipes and dishes from eight regions in the Philippines, highlighting a local ingredient that is perennial to each area). Starting this month, he will be producing more personal content but branching out from his usual topics of food and travel. He is also working on a mini documentary series which will show on the Vice Network. “Think along the lines of “The Rise and Fall of Boracay,” he shares. While he expended his energy on triathlons and marathons for a while, this ftness buff’s current craze is OCR (where CrossFit and obstacle course racing collide). Last but not the least, his brand spanking new kitchen studio, which will serve as his headquarters, just saw completion. So, tune in to his channel for yummy updates and more!

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