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The List Divya Gurung
Divya Gurung

Divya Gurung

Chairperson, Musubi Hong Kong

Divya Gurung has first hand experience of how education can transform a life—for better or for worse. The daughter of a Nepalese Gurkha, Divya was left with few educational opportunities when the British Army School she attended was closed following the handover of Hong Kong from the UK to China. Then, as now, there were few opportunities available for ethnic minorities unable to afford international schools, which is why Divya founded Musubi in 2017. The word means ‘knot’ in Japanese, symbolic of a connection, and the organisation focuses on supporting ethnic minority families with special needs children through education. Run on a voluntary basis by a team of Nepalese women, Musubi hopes to make Hong Kong’s education system more inclusive for children, whatever their background and abilities, to make it easier for them to connect with society as a whole.

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