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Dean Ho
Healthcare & Sciences
For building groundbreaking technologies to develop new treatments

Dean Ho

Director, The N.1 Institute for Health
Location: Singapore

Dean spearheads the game-changing medical innovations taking place at The N.1 Institute for Health at the National University of Singapore, where he is also a Provost’s Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacology. He and his team are developing economical, scalable technologies, such as the artificial intelligence-powered Curate.AI platform, to optimise the development of new drugs and personalised medicine for cancers, infectious diseases and cognitive conditions.

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It’s almost like experimentally crowdsourcing the live virus to tell us what the truly optimal combinations are
We’re doing this because we want our results to help as many people as possible
In two weeks, out of hundreds of thousands or even a trillion possible combinations, IDentif.AI found a powerful strategy to address the coronavirus
Worldwide, the whole drug-making space is going to have to shift
Innovation is more than just creating ideas

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