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David Chen
Finance & Venture Capital
For improving the lives of Myanmar’s rice farmers

David Chen

Location: Singapore

Golden Sunland ensures that rice farming works for everyone. The organisation, co-founded by David Chen, partners with smallholder farmers in Myanmar, producing high-quality rice using responsible practices, and paying them above the market rate. Dividing his time between Singapore and Myanmar, he is responsible for “bringing practical technology to the smallholder farmers who need them the most”. Golden Sunland hopes to produce 40,000 tonnes of rice by the end of 2020, helping up to 3,000 farmers. With the company’s rice brand, The Little Rice Company, David also hopes to educate consumers on the environmental impact of rice. In 2021, he co-founded agri-fintech startup AgriG8 to connect the capital market with the underserved smallholder farming community. 

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