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The Gen.T List Dahlia Nadirah
Dahlia Nadirah
Fashion & Beauty

Dahlia Nadirah

Founder, SO.LEK
Location: Malaysia

Dahlia took a break from her corporate career by visiting the United States, where she was impressed by the boom of beauty brands at the time. After her trip, she was inspired to create her own local cosmetic brand. Together with her brother Luqman, she pioneered SO.LEK, a brand she hopes to bridge the gap between the urban consumer and those living outside of the city. Through the #gincugang movement on social media, she is building SO.LEK to motivate and empower women. Married to talented musician Loque, and a fiercely devoted mother to two daughters, Dahlia is passionate about advocating Malay and Malaysian culture through her products—which is why she named her lip creams after local dances like zapin, inai and asyik as well as flowers like anggerik and seroja.

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