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The Gen.T List Claire Yates
Claire Yates
Media, Marketing & Advertising
For proudly showing the best of Hong Kong - and making it more sustainable in the process

Claire Yates

Founder, Lion Rock Press; Co-founder, Eco-Drive
Location: Hong Kong

No Plastic Mm Goi. It’s the motto that marks the eco-friendly totes and water bottles of Claire Yates’ sassy premium stationery and gift brand, The Lion Rock Press, but it’s also one that she lives by. As a co-founder of Eco Drive, a sustainability initiative that strives to make Hong Kong a better place for the next generation, Claire is dedicated to raising awareness of single-use plastic and reducing it in an increasingly landfill-saturated Hong Kong.

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I got involved in [advocating for] the environment when I started seeing single-use plastic, embarrassingly enough, from my own eco-range, No Plastic Mm Goi, which I started from a totally commercial point of view

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