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The Gen.T List Chidchanok Chidchob
Chidchanok Chidchob
For raising awareness of medical cannabis and putting a Thai province on the map

Chidchanok Chidchob

Director, Buriram United
Location: Thailand

Chidchanok is continuing her politician and sports enthusiast father’s mission to put the sometimes overlooked northeastern Thai province of Buriram on the map. In addition to working as merchandising director of local football club Buriram United, she also played a key role in the recent legalisation of medical cannabis in Thailand, co-founding the three-day Pan-Ram music festival in Buriram to promote its benefits. She also hopes to popularise the region’s weaving and dyeing traditions among younger generations. 

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If you look at yield per square metre, and compare cannabis to rice, it’s exponentially more lucrative. And best of all, there are some hill tribes near Buriram who are certified to grow hemp, so it’s within our culture’s knowledge
There were no problems, no violence, nothing. Mostly because everyone was a stoner
It’s important to remember that the law isn’t always right, and just because something is legal or illegal, doesn’t mean we necessarily have to use that as a way of judging its moral worth. Sometimes the law is wrong, and that’s when we need to step in and fight to change it

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