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The List Bu Shukun
Bu Shukun
Architecture & Design

Bu Shukun

Founder and design director, Architology Interiors
Location: Singapore

Fluent in the language of design, Bu Shukun has dabbed in all types of business ventures in addition to being the co-founder of Architology Interiors. Known for their ability to deliver bold and elegant designs, Architology Interiors has been steadily building a vast full bodied portfolio that spans across the Southeast Asia. Additionally, Shukun is the owner of, the Refinery, a grill bar workspace for a community of creative individuals and Trace, a club along Clarke Quay and co-owner of renowned Tuckshop, a cafe bar. With such a diverse pool of businesses under his belt, is it any wonder why Shukan is regarded highly in Singapore for his knowledge of design spanning a multitude of industries.

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