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The Gen.T List Bjorn Pardo
Bjorn Pardo

Bjorn Pardo

Founder and CEO, Xend
Location: Philippines

Bjorn has come a long way since his days as a courier stateside. Of late, Xend’s founder and CEO is pulling out all the stops for milestone celebrations as his e-commerce-cum-courier company (which boasts 500 branches and couriers to 230 countries) recently hit the 10 million-delivery marker as well as the 300 thousandth Xender. If those statistics aren’t cause enough for celebration, Xend was also voted Most Innovative Logistics Company in South East Asia by Acquisition International. Says Bjorn, who is now Manila-based, “I am proud that Xend is able to stay true to its vision every single day and continue to truly help individuals become successful entrepreneurs. Seeing the hundreds of thousands of Xenders that we serve, and my guys busting their butts, making sacrifces to achieve their dreams is what inspires me everyday.” Bjorn is currently focusing on expansions, making shipping even easier and more affordable, especially for those in the provinces.

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