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Andrea Wong

Andrea Wong

Co-founder and director of business operations, Academy

Both Andrea Wong and her sister Philippa are talented musicians and passionate about their art. And with the launch of their world-class music academy,, the daughters of solicitor Kennedy Wong have put the joy back into learning an instrument. That approach is rare in Hong Kong, where learning is more often focused on exams and competitions. Not so at, where students are trained and encouraged to perform. The sisters’ fresh formula is backed by a team of inspirational instructors recruited from top music conservatories around the world. Andrea, who plays the piano and flute, says that she discovered her entrepreneurial grit and perseverance during her student days at the University of Oxford, where she obtained her MBA. It was the gruelling time spent on her college rowing team, she says, that pushed Andrea outside her comfort zone and prepared her for the tough world of entrepreneurship.

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