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The Gen.T List Amira Geneid
Amira Geneid
Fashion & Beauty

Amira Geneid

Founder, Zahara
Location: Malaysia

Understanding the demands of the cosmetic market, Amira Geneid realized there was a gap for Muslim woman wanting halal make-up and created the solution, her beauty company Zahara. A luxury halal cosmetics brand, Zahara was named after the Arabic word meaning "flower in bloom" and has come full blossom, attracting a range of funding from numerous foreign investors. Starting out with just nail polish, it became an instant hit as Muslim women were able to perform wudhu or the water cleansing act before prayer properly without having to remove it. Since then, Zahara has since launched a whole range of beauty products from eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner, mascara, nail polish remover to matte liquid lipsticks.

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