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The Gen.T List Amarit Charoenphan
Amarit Charoenphan
Finance & Venture Capital

Amarit Charoenphan

Co-founder and executive chairman, Hubba; Co-founder and chief connection officer, Techsauce
Location: Thailand

With continued funding from the “3Fs – friends, family and fans (not fools)”, Amarit Charoenphan’s “tech ecosystem” been busy expanding since the last Generation T. Given that co-working could one day grow to 40% of office supplies in a city, he believes there is massive room for growth, literally. In 2018, Thailand’s number one co-working hub and online community platform has opened a fourth location in Silom, and has been named the Google for Entrepreneur Partner network hub in Thailand—a mega move that hooks more than 100,000 HUBBA members up with dozens of co-working spaces and communities across 135 countries. Since his days of co-organizing Echelon Ignite Thailand 2013, Thailand’s biggest international tech startup conference, he has hosted and spoken at hundreds of events and programs, including Hong Kong’s RISE 2018. In June 2018, he organized the second edition of Techsauce Global Summit, which attracted 10,000 delegates, 200 speakers, 300 investors, and 200 members of the press from over 30 nations. With over 40 staff members, and 50 at Techsauce, the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (New Zealand) recipient hopes to collaborate with potential partners to bring his innovative merger of real-estate industry and community building to international heights.

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