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The Gen.T List Amanda Chong
Amanda Chong
Philanthropy & Charity
For empowering communities through literacy and the arts

Amanda Chong

Co-founder, ReadAble
Location: Singapore

When lawyer Amanda is not in court fighting a case, she is holding weekly English literacy classes for children from less privileged backgrounds and migrant women in Singapore through ReadAble, the nonprofit organisation she co-founded in 2014. The Singapore Youth Award 2018 recipient is also a poet who has had her work engraved on the Helix Bridge in Marina Bay, Singapore. She also co-founded, an online database of Singapore poetry, and mentors migrant workers in writing.

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Loving stories, wanting to tell stories, and helping people tell their own stories is basically the running theme in my life that has informed everything that I do
Privilege entrenches itself. So it’s something that has to be solved by government policies, but private citizens also have to play a part

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