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The Gen.T List Aisa Mijeno
Aisa Mijeno
Sciences & Mathematics

Aisa Mijeno

Scientist and Co-Founder, SALt
Location: Philippines

Sodium chloride is good for so many things but who would have thought that such a common-use everyday mineral could light the way to a brighter future. Scientist and SALt co-founder, Aisa, designed a lantern that ran on, yes, salt (specifically a glass of water and two teaspoons of it). She then identified over 1,500 community beneficiaries across the Philippines who now rely on her SALt invention. “The Philippines has been known mostly for its arts and crafts, fashion, and design, but not much on the technology, consumer electronic side. I wanted to get something out there in the technology sector, recognisably Filipino but supported worldwide,” shares the TOWNS Awardee and director of De La Salle Lipa Innovation Labs. One of her career highlights was when she was invited as an APEC CEO Summit panel member together with ex-President Barack Obama and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. Looking forward, she wishes to distribute more lanterns to communities across the Philippines and possibly throughout South East Asia.

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