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Trailblazers Video: Meet Influential Malaysian Connectors Shaping The Future Of The Country

Video: Meet Influential Malaysian Connectors Shaping The Future Of The Country

#WeAreGenerationT: Connectors
By Lily Ong
August 12, 2016

Introducing our first group of Generation T, the Connectors. This bunch of movers and shakers are making waves in KL and beyond while taking over the social media scene, one follower at a time.

In an age where the world’s richest list are filled with names of youths like Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel alongside heavyweight investors, you cannot help but admit that the world now truly belongs to the bright young things who have used their youth to their advantage.

So along came this idea, across the regional Tatler titles. What if we create a list of our own to honour these spunky souls? What if we celebrate the next generation of industry leaders by sharing their tatler_tatler_stories? What if we document their journeys by honouring their passion and determination to chase their dreams? Thus the concept of Generation T was born and became what it is today.

Of course the T in our Generation T stands for Tatler—it doesn’t take a genius to see that. But we also believe it should stand for ‘talent’, enabling the pivotal idea that it takes a specific type of talent to succeed in life, fostered through discipline, hard work and perseverance through life’s ups and downs. Collectively, we agreed that Generation T should come from all walks of life regardless of race, gender or creed: old rich or new rich, second-generation torchbearers or self-employed entrepreneurs. Strip these differences away and what remains is that all of these people we have profiled are coming up big in Malaysia—whether we are ready for them or not.

Meet our Generation T of Connectors, the first of our 3-part series which we will be unveiling every month from August to October. They are young and fearless; capable and talented; most of all, they are inspiring figures whose success tatler_tatler_stories are carved not only by their own merit but also by the sheer charisma of their personalities. 

Our connectors are not only plugged into the right networks – they are also connected with the right people and bring with them just the right amount of influence to inspire others to be just like them.

 Fadzarudin Anuar & Vivy Yusof


Fadzarudin Anuar with his sharp business acumen and Vivy Yusof with her creative ideas have sparked a revolution with FashionValet, one of the pioneers of e-commerce. From a small enterprise, they’ve expanded the business to other regions of Southeast Asia and have even taken their business offline, with brick and mortar shops in Bangsar and Pavilion KL. 

Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya

Awal Ashaari and Scha Alyahya.jpg(source)

Everyone’s favourite celebrity couple Awal Ashaari and Scha Alyahya are more than just that – they are astute and savvy businesspeople who have carefully nurtured theur own images to work for them as a brand – ‘Schawal’ – with their daughter in tow.

 Mah Kok Wah, Vincent Tan & Ryan Loo


You are the company you keep and Mah Kok Wah , who runs an aviation company, says that he can count on co-founders of Container Hotel Group, Vincent Tan and Ryan Loo to be his sounding board for both business and play.

Bryan Loo 


Bryan Loo, the recipient of our Entrepreneur Par Excellence Award last year is determined to keep the goals he publicly set for himself – to expand his F&B oriented businesses to a business powerhouse -- rallied by his followers and fans on social media whom he names as part of his support system.

Their influence extends beyond their day job as heads of companies, running on a cash flow of a six-figure variety. Some of their following on social media are in the staggering millions; others are highly sought after by brands like TUMI and Huawei due to the sheer impact they have on the masses. 

It's no walk in the park to build an image that is commercially viable and keep doing so on a consistent basis while seeing to multiple businesses. We tip our hats to this bunch and this month, we are celebrating the Connectors; the movers and shakers are making waves in KL and beyond while taking over the social media scene, one follower at a time.

The second part of this series will be out in September. Watch this space!

Photography: Kah Mun from Myth Studio
Video: SkyAd Productions
Art Direction: Allan Casal
Styling: Liz Bautista;
Makeup: Joyce Lee and Kay Lee using Estee Lauder
Hair: Albert Nico from Albert Nico Hair Salon.

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