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Trailblazers Video: Meet 6 Influential Young Leaders In Malaysia

Video: Meet 6 Influential Young Leaders In Malaysia

Video: Meet 6 Influential Young Leaders In Malaysia
By Tien Chew
October 10, 2016
We close out our inaugural Generation T list with six influential Malaysian youths, looking to empower others towards a brighter future
‘Power’ is a very strong word, evoking images of capability, authority and strength. To this writer, power is very much an individualistic word. The word ‘empower’ however, conjures a more collective notion, as its meaning denotes the enabling of others through a sharing of power.

Having first featured  our Connectors – a group of people using the social landscape of the 21st century to connect and inspire, we then focused on our Creators – a group of entrepreneurs creating a better world, before – now – closing out our inaugural Generation T list with six influential Malaysian youths, looking to empower others towards a brighter future.

The sextuplet that made up the final group, aptly named ‘Empower,’ gathered due to a single commonality—their drive to excel forward in order to reach greater heights of success. We celebrate this undeniable drive, this spark, because it in turn empowers others to follow in their footsteps in attempts to better themselves.

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Koh Li Tim

Koh Li Tim.jpg(source)

An interior designer by trade and stylish confidante by choice, Koh Li Tim explains that he empowers others by lending an ear, empathising and offering guidance whenever he finds his friends in need of it. He expresses with certainty, that one must always upkeep relationships with family and friends, providing unwavering support, patience, love and kindness through the toughest of times. It is an invaluable lesson he has learnt from his parents’ many examples over the years.

Melissa Sin, Lee Yin Yen & Chryseis Tan

Melissa Sin, Lee Yin Yen and Chryseis Tan.jpg(source)

Building upon family legacies while managing their own entrepreneurial ventures, it is not difficult to understand why Melissa Sin, Lee Yin Yen and Chryseis Tan have caught the attention and admiration of others. They are all thankful to have important figures in their lives who have left a profound impact and continue to do so. They believe that we, as a generation have much to learn from those before us, when it comes to sustaining family values and having a good work ethic. These invaluable lessons in turn give them the confidence to pursue their ambitions with courage, which then empower and motivate the people they surround themselves with.

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Tunku Khairul Naquiyuddin & Marisa Soraya Mazlan

Tunku Khairul and Marisa Soraya.jpg(source)

Both Tunku Khairul Naquiyuddin and Marisa Soraya believe that to empower others is to arm people with the confidence and the knowledge that they need to succeed in their undertakings. Tunku Khairul’s core business at Entogenex, a biotechnological company specialising in getting rid of mosquitos with non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions, sees him trying to do his part for society. Marisa on the other hand, is a bubbly communications student and a social media influencer with a passion for fashion and is eager to empower younger women. She often combines the two through her blog, with a growing social media presence.

It was insightful and refreshing, listening to the thoughts of these young inspiring individuals, for a better understanding on the importance of helping others to reach their full potential. Speaking to them over the course of the day, it became increasingly clear to me that confidence, sincerity and passion are key to empowering yourself and others.

Photography: Tian Xing from Shooting Star Studio
Video: SkyAd Productions
Art direction: Allan Casal
Make-up: Clé De Peau Beauté

Hair: Des Yong from Makeover using Shiseido Professional
Watches: Richard Mille
Location: Astor Bar, St Regis Kuala Lumpur

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