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Trailblazers Taiwan’s Rising Tech Stars

Taiwan’s Rising Tech Stars

Taiwan’s Rising Tech Stars
By Generation T
October 23, 2017
The international tech scene is no longer a private playground for Silicon Valley companies, with Asian players making waves on this side of the globe and beyond. To celebrate the talented individuals who are changing the face of the industry, the Asia Tatler editors and a panel of experts compiled a list of the top 50 rising tech stars in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. Here are five of Taiwan’s technological elite on the list.

1/5 Daniel Seah

Why him? As CEO of Digital Domain, an award-winning film studio pioneering high-tech visual effects, 360-degree livestream broadcasts and virtual reality, 2017 Gen.T lister Seah is one of Hollywood’s most influential Chinese film executives.

What’s more The 32-year-old’s mentors are Universal Pictures president Jimmy Horowitz and former Marvel Comics president Stan Lee, so you’d better know your Spider-Man from your X-Men.

2/5 Ming-Wei Chou

Why her? The 34-year-old Taipei-based strategist is the founder and CEO of, a social media-based community that helps professional women advance in their careers by making connections, finding mentors and benefiting from the site’s marketing and custom-content services. Basically, she’s the Taiwanese version of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg.

What’s more Besides connecting smart, talented women, CAREhER also produces career-related articles and podcasts by and about businesswomen in different industries across Asia, and organises online career coaching and offline business networking events.

3/5 Shawn Guan

Why him? The 33-year-old co-founder and CEO of surveillance technology company Umbo CV has developed a way to use artificial intelligence to prevent crimes.

The biz It may sound like the premise of a dodgy sci-fi film, but the 2017 Gen.T lister's security cameras and cloud-based management platform, which helped the company raise US$2.8 million in the first round of seed investment, are already being used by businesses in the UAE, the US and Europe despite being launched as recently as 2014.

4/5 Tsai-Yi Wu

Why her? As a former professional guitarist, Wu knows her music. Ambidio, the company the 29-year-old launched in 2014, delivers high quality, immersive sound experiences through computer software technology—3D sound, if you like. Wu is backed by Grammy award-winning artist and Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Venture.

5/5 Chih-Han Yu

Why him? The 38-year-old entrepreneur co-founded Appier, a company that uses artificial intelligence to analyse people’s behaviour across multiple screens, tracking how they use different devices for different purposes at different times. Insights like these allow companies to deliver ever more tailored ads to social media feeds.

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Trailblazers Taiwan Tech Generation T


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