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Trailblazers Playlist: 10 Songs Environmentalist Melati Wijsen Uses To Get Inspired

Playlist: 10 Songs Environmentalist Melati Wijsen Uses To Get Inspired

Playlist: 10 Songs Environmentalist Melati Wijsen Uses To Get Inspired
By Samantha Mei Topp
By Samantha Mei Topp
June 04, 2020
Melati Wijsen, the founder of social initiative Bye Bye Plastic Bags, worked with Gen.T to create a Spotify playlist of the top 10 songs she listens to when she wants to feel inspired

When Melati Wijsen was just 12 years old she teamed up with her sister Isabel to start social initiative Bye Bye Plastic Bags, which has become one of the largest plastic pollution awareness movements in Asia, spanning 25 locations worldwide.

Today, Melati continues to educate young people to say no to single-use plastics. She's also launched a new initiative, Youthopia. A platform for young change-makers, Youthtopia provides activists and community organisers with the knowledge and tools they need to make an impact. 

For Wijsen, music plays a big role in keeping her inspired and lifting her mood every day. "There is something to it. For me, music is like a memory box. When I hear certain tunes, it brings me back to the most random, joyful moments in life, and for just a moment, with the music banging in my ears, I am teleported to another time. For me to feel inspired and 'get in the mood' to create something, I have to go deep inside and just let go."

Listen to Melati's Get Inspired playlist here

Starry Night, Peggy Gou

"This makes me forget anything bad. Instantly my body jumps to this rhythm and happy thoughts arrive!"

Upside Down, Jack Johnson

"Soft and light and taken care of! I close my eyes and feel a memory slip in of many campfires by the beach with friends."

Sharon Jones, How Long Do I Have To Wait for You?

"A special song to me that reminds me of a special someone, from walks around Central Park all the way to Bali beaches. Be patient for love and the little victories!"

Smooth Operator, Sade

"This was the first ever LP I bought. I remember the moment I listened to this song, the soft crackle before the music—I immediately fell in love."

I See Fire, Ed Sheeran

"Just the perfect song to sing to and sound imperfect—and not care! That's the best way to let go."

What A Wonderful World, Stevie Wonder

"A classic one to be reminded of the beauty in the world."

Like Sugar, Chaka Khan

"Colourful in my mind and gets my creative juices flowing!"

All of Me, John Legend

"The perfect 'lets get deep' song. Such beautiful lyrics. It makes me wonder and ponder for ages."

Get Lucky, Daft Punk

"Never fails to get my spirits up."

Celebration, Kool & The Gang

"At the end of the day, the best way to get inspired is to let loose, go with the flow and celebrate how far you’ve already come."

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