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Trailblazers Playlist: Medical Doctor Helmy Haja Mydin Stays Focused Listening To These 10 Songs

Playlist: Medical Doctor Helmy Haja Mydin Stays Focused Listening To These 10 Songs

Playlist: Medical Doctor Helmy Haja Mydin Stays Focused Listening To These 10 Songs
By Chong Seow Wei
By Chong Seow Wei
May 26, 2020
Helmy Haja Mydin, the co-founder of Asthma Malaysia, puts together a Gen.T Spotify playlist of songs that helps him stay focused and get into the zone

Life can get hectic for Helmy Haja Mydin. On a daily basis, the Gen.T honouree balances between being a respiratory physician at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur and raising awareness about asthma as the co-founder of Asthma Malaysia. He also regularly shares his medical insights on radio, television and newspaper. With so many things going on, staying focused on the task at hand is his constant priority. That’s where music comes in.    

“Music, to me, is like a teleportation device for our emotions. It impacts how I feel and respond to a situation,” he says. “I do listen to music on my headphones just before a meeting or presentation. If I'm already pumped up, I tend to listen to mellow songs. If I'm feeling meh, I will opt for more upbeat tunes. Either way, music helps to set me in the right mood to focus on what needs to be done.”

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Listen to Helmy Haja Mydin’s Focus playlist here

Mayonaise (Remastered), The Smashing Pumpkins

"The recording of this very melodic piece had some unexpected sounds from the cheap guitar that was used by the band, but somehow it added to the song's allure. It's a subtle reminder that imperfection may not be that bad after all."

Moaning Lisa Smile, Wolf Alice

"A song about Lisa Simpson from animated TV series The Simpsons that you never knew existed. I love the opening riff."

Jesus of Suburbia, Green Day

"This is the name of a novel that helps me escape if I need to. It is also the name of a brilliant track that segues from one movement to another with ease, effortlessly covering a range of emotions and issues."

Canon in D, Johann Pachelbel

"Composed more than three centuries ago, there are many variations to this beautiful piece. Music that you can get lost in."

Take Five, Dave Brubeck

"I'm no jazz connoisseur, but I do enjoy popping into jazz cafes every so often."

Sugah Daddy, D'Angelo

"The piano, rhythmic clapping, voice, guitar, horns. A unique song with great depth that puts you in the right mood."

Dansi Dans, For a Minor Reflection

"An ethereal Icelandic piece that builds up in pace and complexity."

As If It's Your Last, Blackpink

"My kids are my source for all things K-pop. This catchy number makes me think of them."

One, Metallica

"This song takes you to war. And the drums are amazing."

Guerrilla Radio, Rage Against The Machine

"What better place than here? What better time than now? All hell can't stop us now!"

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