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Trailblazers Kiki Siantar Huillet Is Sharing Indonesian Fashion With The World, One Sarong At A Time

Kiki Siantar Huillet Is Sharing Indonesian Fashion With The World, One Sarong At A Time

Kiki Siantar Huillet Is Sharing Indonesian Fashion With The World, One Sarong At A Time
By Clairice Halim
By Clairice Halim
November 09, 2020
Fashion startup Kaeen Bali is just the beginning for entrepreneur Kiki Siantar Huillet, who is on a mission to share Indonesian creativity with the world

In the What Matters To Me series, a Generation T honouree describes what they do, why they do it, and why it matters.

Kiki Siantar Huillet uses both her Instagram influence and entrepreneurial skills to boost locally made Indonesian products. Her brand Kaeen Bali spotlights products that promote the diverse and dynamic creativity of Indonesia. Here, Huillet describes her work in her own words. 

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I prefer to create ready-to-wear fashion and multi-functional pieces such as sarongs. I feel proud when I see people wearing my products, especially when I can bring Indonesian touches to it.

My goal is to show that we can be proud of locally-made products. I want Indonesian fashion to gain the exposure it deserves. In addition, many sarong makers are suffering today because people tend to buy similar products from international brands. I decided to partner with the owner of Vone to source the materials locally and stage a comeback for the sarong. It is made from indigenous materials by local artisans to help their economy. We sold all 12,000 pieces within a few hours of launching, which encouraged me to turn it into a brand called Kaeen Bali.

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I prefer creating something that is not yet available but is needed. Every time I make something, I first ask myself three questions in terms of comfort, multi-function, and innovation: will people use it, do people need it, or will people realise that they need it? If my product answers these questions, I know we should make it. It is not only to fulfil my happiness but also to help those who are involved in the product and brand development.

I dislike the title “blogger” as I don't have a blog, and I also do not wish to be called an “influencer” because it comes with a big responsibility. I want people to think that I am their “poison” in the fashion world, because it means that my work is effectively spreading to my social media followers. I did not intend for my career to be like this. I have created and co-founded a total of 20 brands, but I actually prefer my role to be behind the scenes.

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