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Trailblazers How GoGet’s Francesca Chia Is Creating A Sustainable Future For Malaysia’s Gig Workers

How GoGet’s Francesca Chia Is Creating A Sustainable Future For Malaysia’s Gig Workers

Francesca Chia
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By Generation T
August 26, 2021

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In a three-part series presented by Maxis, entrepreneurs from the Gen.T community share their journey to transform their community and industry. GoGet’s Francesca Chia describes the support she received to develop her on-demand work platform—and how she uses it to help others

When Francesca Chia left her stable job as a management consultant to start GoGet in 2014, she knew the transition to life as an entrepreneur would not be easy. But the support of her two co-founders, family and friends meant she never felt alone.

Chia’s parents supported their daughter’s decision by allowing her to set up GoGet’s first office in their home in Kuala Lumpur, while Chia credits her childhood friend, Renata, with encouraging her to pursue her dream and supporting the startup during its early days.

This support enabled Chia and her co-founders to build an on-demand work platform that would help both business and individuals. Today, GoGet allows businesses to scale up quickly without having to incur full-time costs. It also provides gig workers with the means to earn a stable income.

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GoGet’s network of part-time workers, known as GoGetters, assist with jobs ranging from logistics, administration and operations to sales and marketing. To date, the platform has 250,000 users, including companies such as Lazada, Yoodo and Fashion Valet, and a network of 20,000 verified GoGetters.

The GoGetters are a diverse community, hailing from all walks of life. They range from university students on summer break and freelancers such as teachers and swimming coaches, to retirees looking to spend some of their free time helping others.

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Chia's vision for GoGet goes beyond providing GoGetters with flexible jobs. She hopes to also help them build up their connections and find employers to give them jobs regularly, so they have a more stable income. GoGet also offers special training sessions to allow GoGetters to upskill and be more financially literate, so they can better manage their income.

“My hope is to create employment opportunities for all Malaysians, especially in a very trying time like now,” says Chia.

Gen.T is partnering with Maxis for its inaugural Maxis Awards. The awards support Gen.T honourees and other entrepreneurs who are contributing to progress in Malaysia by using innovation and technology for social impact. Over the next year, Maxis is committing RM5 million to help develop and promote the winning projects. Read more about the Maxis Awards.


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