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Trailblazers 5 Things You Didn't Know About Singapore's 2017 Generation T Cover Stars

5 Things You Didn't Know About Singapore's 2017 Generation T Cover Stars

5 Things You Didn't Know About Singapore's 2017 Generation T Cover Stars
By Hong Xinyi
August 21, 2017

They're young, talented and ambitious, and also an absolute pleasure to spend time with. 

1/5 Cybersecurity guru Benjamin Mah destresses with exercise

In fact, Benjamin had just sprained his ankle from a weekend jog when he showed up for our cover shoot. But that didn’t hamper his poses for the camera at all. Thanks for being such a trooper Ben!


2/5 F&B entrepreneur Gan Guoyi is not afraid to try changing your mind

While chatting with Guoyi, we told her the story of a promising young bartender we once met at one of Singapore’s best kept secrets as far as watering holes go, who desperately wanted to pursue a career in bartending but had been keeping his part-time gig a secret from his parents because they did not approve of the profession at all. That’s not an unusual response, Guoyi says. When the same situation arises with her staff, she asks them to invite their parents to the bar, so they can see for themselves that it’s a perfectly respectable workplace.


3/5 Corporate intelligence platform creator Daryl Neo likes to share

Despite the fact that he had not gotten much sleep the night before our shoot due to work, Daryl was perfectly chirpy, and happy to fire up his laptop when we asked him to demonstrate what his platform, Handshakes, could do when it came to synthesizing publicly available information about companies and the people who invest in them. We won’t tell you who we asked him to look up using Handshakes, but we’re definitely not the only ones curious about this guy’s financial status. 

4/5 Architect Tan Szue Hann is a visual thinker 

He perked up when we asked him to sketch his vision of Singapore in the future, which includes cosy underground living spaces and pedestrians sharing roads safely with driverless cars powered by renewable energy. Szue Hann once entertained the thought of being an artist, and obviously still gets a lot of joy from drawing. 

5/5 Eldercare entrepreneur Gillian Tee is still adjusting to life in Singapore

She spent 15 years in the start-up scene in New York and Silicon Valley before moving back to Singapore, and still spends a lot of time talking to American investors. So it’s understandeable that Gillian has a discernible American twang—or at least she did when we first started talking to her. By the end of our chat, this Singapore girl pointed out herself that she felt comfortable enough to slip in those homegrown ‘lahs’.


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