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Icons 8 Things You Need To Know About Filipino Fashion Icon Heart Evangelista

8 Things You Need To Know About Filipino Fashion Icon Heart Evangelista

8 Things You Need To Know About Filipino Fashion Icon Heart Evangelista
By Isabel Martel Francisco
By Isabel Martel Francisco
July 08, 2021
Actor and social media star Heart Evangelista has over 7 million Instagram followers for a reason

Heart Evangelista is an actor, philanthropist, social media star and visual artist. She has appeared on numerous magazine covers around the globe and been a staple in Philippine media since from a young age. Given her many endorsements, business collaborations, movies, television shows and, recently, two billboards in New York's Times Square, there is no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with in the country's media landscape. 

1/8 Her real name is not Heart Evangelista

Her real name is Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco-Escudero. She was born on February 14, Valentines Day, which is why her name is Love and her nickname is Heart.

2/8 She has been working her whole life

Evangelista entered the entertainment industry at the age of 14 and has been working ever since. In one of her first roles, she captivated local audiences with her portrayal of the chic, ultra-feminine Missy Sandejas in ABS-CBN’s teen-oriented series G-mik. Today, Evangelista says that playing the role of Missy put her on the path to discovering her own sense of style.

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3/8 She has a trunk of her favourite clothes packed in a suitcase under her bed, in case of a fire

Evangelista admits she has a case filled with essential clothing, as well as a hanger of designer blazers that are ready to be pulled out, in case there’s a fire or an earthquake.

“My dad’s house actually burnt [down], and I was so traumatised that I always think about that. In fact, I have all my tweed jackets in one whole hanger just in case. I’ll carry all of those out and I would definitely save some of my favourite bags. I always think of the worst, so I do have a suitcase underneath a particular cabinet, and I dump it all in there,” she said to Tatler.

4/8 She paints on Hermes Birkin bags

What was once the ultimate disaster inspired a unique hobby. A food stain on one of Evangelista's favourite Hermes Birkin bags inspired her to paint over the mark. She regularly draws and paints on canvas, but had never worked on fashion pieces, let alone a Birkin.

As an artist she has hosted a number of sold-out exhibitions, beginning with I Am Love Marie at Ayala Museum in 2014, which featured a series of dreamy female portraits. Now, her one-of-a-kind Hermes creations are commissioned and sought after by fans and fashion lovers. 

5/8 She is an animal rights advocate

Evangelista is a massive dog-lover and animal rights advocate. She regularly posts about how people can be better pet parents or help animals in need. She often finds herself adopting pets, and regularly visits shelters. Evangelista has been a spokesperson for PAWS or (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) for 13 years.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if all dogs had homes? Then there would be no need for pounds or shelters because there will be no sick or injured dog on the streets,” Heart said in a feature with the PAWS

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6/8 She was named a real-life 'Crazy Rich Asian'

In a feature with Kevin Kwan and Harper’s Bazaar, Heart was named as a real-life Crazy Rich Asian by the acclaimed author. He travelled to Paris for fashion week to meet up with some of Asia’s most sought-after fashion icons.

7/8 She supports artists in Sorsogon, Philippines

Through her project Maison Love Marie, Evangelista strives to promote and protect the local artisans of Sorsogon, Philippines.

 “When I lived in Sorsogon for two months, [I witnessed] how they were doing so much [crafts] for other provinces and for export to other countries. I want to put the spotlight on them and let people know that they’re making these things. It’s really more of a collaboration because they’re the ones who know what they’re doing and what they can and can’t do. I just work around with their talents,” she said to Tatler.


8/8 She has step children

Evangelista is step-mother to her husband Governor Chiz Escudero’s two children. She spoke publicly about a miscarriage that ultimately brought her closer to her family.

“When I got pregnant, I really felt differently towards them. I really felt the maternal feeling. I felt that and I loved them even more. I think they also loved me even more. It was a whole experience for the family when I got pregnant and when I lost the babies. I feel like we also got really closer. I really love them so, so much,” she said to ABS CBN.

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