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Big Concepts The Most Popular Articles On Gen.T In 2021

The Most Popular Articles On Gen.T In 2021

The Most Popular Articles On Gen.T In 2021
By Generation T
December 20, 2021
As we say a welcome farewell to 2021, we're rounding up some of our most popular articles of the year. Read on for stories on everything from NFTs to the pursuit of Olympic gold

6 Women Shaping The Startup Space In the Philippines

Meet six young leaders in the Philippines who are driving change through their impactful startups.

How To Start Your Own Company, According To Founders From The Gen.T List

Three entrepreneurs on what you need to know about starting and running a business.

The Founder Of The Philippines' Fastest-Growing Social Media App On How To Conquer Adversity

Roland Ros is the co-founder of Kumu, the Philippines' fastest-growing social media network. But Ros says his current success was anything but a straight shot. Here, he shares advice on overcoming mental health challenges, facing down failure and how to break down the most complex of problems.

This Professional Gamer Wants You To Take His Bachelor's Degree In E-Sports. Here's Why You Should

Irymarc “Tryke” Gutierrez, co-founder and CEO of Tier One Entertainment, one of Southeast Asia's biggest e-sports talent platforms, on the growth of the industry and the coming opportunities in the space.

Will Co-Working Thrive Post-Pandemic?

Co-working offers companies flexibility in an increasingly uncertain world. But in the midst of a global pandemic it also poses a potential health risk. We ask two experts to weigh in on the future of co-working in Southeast Asia.

Artist Red Hong Yi On Why NFTs Are The Future Of Art

Malaysian Artist Red Hong Yi shares her experience of creating her first NFT art piece—and the potential the medium holds for digital artists everywhere.

Director Paul Soriano On How To Make A Movie During A Pandemic

Director and producer Paul Soriano describes what it's like to make a film during a global pandemic.

Clinical Psychologist Joel Low On How His Childhood Struggles With Mental Health Inspired Him To Later Help Others

Childhood mental health struggles helped Joel Low to realise that his future career path laid in clinical psychology. He shares more about his practice and future aspirations.

Transgender Model Mimi Tao On Buddhism, Beauty Standards And Self-Acceptance

The first transgender model to appear on US reality TV show Project Runway, Mimi Tao describes how six years as a monk made her who she is today.

Olympian Hidilyn Diaz On The Tough Road She Faced To Claim the Philippines' First Olympic Gold

Earning the Philippines’ first ever Olympic Gold medal, weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz embodies the power, strength and faith of a nation.

11 Things You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency

Israel Keys, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Bloom Solutions, on everything you need to know about crypto.

How UN Environmental Champion Louise Mabulo Is Future-Proofing Farmers’ Livelihoods In The Philippines

Environmentalist, chef and social entrepreneur Louise Mabulo tells Gen.T why she started The Cacao Project and her passion for training farmers in sustainable farming techniques.

Billionaire Business Leader And Philanthropist Binod Chaudhary On Risk, Sacrifice And Family

In an episode of Gen.T’s podcast Crazy Smart Asia, Binod Chaudhary, chairman of CG Corp Global, talks the value of a strong network, the importance of balance and following your gut.

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