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Big Concepts Intelligence Report: How Asia's Leaders Of Tomorrow Define Success

Intelligence Report: How Asia's Leaders Of Tomorrow Define Success

Intelligence Report: How Asia's Leaders Of Tomorrow Define Success
By Lee Williamson
By Lee Williamson
December 16, 2020
Actionable insights on Asia's next generation of leaders

The Gen.T List 2020 is the ultimate reference of 400 entrepreneurs and other Leaders of Tomorrow making their mark on the world. To better understand this community of change-makers, we sent each honouree a 60-question survey. Here’s what we learned.

The Leaders

Their Challenges

What's the biggest challenge standing between them and complete professional and personal fulfilment? Over 27 percent say it's a lack of time. Here are some sample responses.




“Time! It’s very fulfilling seeing the business grow and achieving milestones along the way, but at this hyper-growth stage it can be all-consuming, meaning there isn’t always enough time to do all of the different projects and hobbies I’d like to pursue. In particular one philanthropic project that hasn’t progressed as fast as I’d like. Plus, I would love more time to dedicate to fitness!”

Nicki Ramsay, founder and CEO of CardUp





“Finding my ikigai, the sweet spot between what I care about and believe I am good at, and what the world cares about and assigns value to.”

Geoffrey See, founder of Choson Exchange




“It can be difficult to ‘pause’ in the midst of what feels like an endless race, but I would say I need to get better at time management and segment time more intentionally to grow and strengthen my areas of weakness.”

Julia Tan, founder and director of The Fountain Wellness





“I don’t feel like I can ever be completed personally and professionally. Life is about continuous improvement, challenges and ups and downs that require adaptation and change.”

Jochen Bernhard Staudter, managing partner of Philergy

Their Causes

Most of the young leaders surveyed support a number of different social causes simultaneously; there are very few one-issue activists. Here are the five most popular causes.

What Does Success Look Like?

To gauge what success looks like to this group of young leaders, we asked what motivates them to do what they do. One key commonality jumped off the page: purpose. Here are some sample responses.




“My parents taught me the value of giving back. I was fortunate to learn this early in life, and that has served a natural driver for me to do the work that I do.”

Miguel Bermundo, founder and director of Dream Big Pilipinas FA





“My motivation comes from the desire to solve problems that have meaning and are important.”

Crystal Pang, co-founder and CEO of Pickupp





"Value creation and pursuing meaning— that’s what life is all about.”

Choong Fui-Yu, co-founder and CEO of Kaodim





“I want to see our country and the region grow and prosper. Not alone, but together.”

Supachai Parchariyanon, co-founder and CEO of Rise




“It’s a different kind of feeling, creating a system where you are actually helping people just by having your organisation operate and exist. The fulfilment you get is very different when what you stand for is beyond profit.”

Francis Reyes, founder and CEO of Caravan Food Group 





"I’ve always wanted to build something that has a social impact but can also be commercially scalable, global and innovative.”

Angela Kwan, co-founder of Catalyser

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