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How The List Is Compiled

We announce the Gen.T List every October, but selecting the honourees for it is a year-round process. It has to be—creating a list of 300 individuals across a breadth of industries from around Asia requires a rigorous methodology. Here’s how we do it.



The very first thing we look for in a potential honouree is achievement in the last 18 months.

This can be measured by a number of quantifiable metrics: growth of business (measured by customers, revenue, volume, and so on), fundraising success, a new product or service that’s disrupting an industry, an increased geography of impact, receiving respected industry awards, and so on. As we cover up to 18 different industries, we don’t have only one set of metrics.

At Gen.T, we believe that success is defined by more than just financial terms, so we also look at more qualitative metrics. On these occasions we ask ourselves, has the nominee helped to make the world…

  • more beautiful?
  • more creative?
  • more innovative?
  • more generous?
  • more sustainable?
  • more human?


A nominee must be either:

  • A founder of their own company.
  • A c-suite exec who’s playing a key role in changing their organization.
  • An individual who is their own brand, such as an athlete, actor, musician or artist.

Honourees must be under 40 years old at the time of the list’s unveiling in October.



We conduct intensive market research throughout the year, keeping an eye on the news, as well as industry publications, to see who’s making waves, who’s completing successful fundraising rounds, who’s launching innovative products, who’s winning medals, and so on. We also receive numerous referrals through our extensive network, all of whom are added into our longlist.


Come December, we assemble the Tribe. The Tribe is the expert panel that helps us identify the next generation of leaders. Made up of industry titans across a breadth of fields, and featuring new faces each year, The Tribe nominates candidates for consideration and vets our longlist to help Gen.T identify the most deserving honourees—they are our eyes and ears on the ground, providing invaluable insight and expertise.

For the Gen.T List 2021, we had a total of 42 Tribe members across Asia to help nominate and vet candidates for the list’s various industry categories.

January to March

During this period, the Gen.T editorial team curates a longlist of nominees. As well as internal nominations, names for the longlist come from Tribe members, past years' Gen.T honourees and members of the public, through our public nomination form. The longlist is typically more than double the length of the final list.

After we receive the nominations, we begin a rigorous in-house vetting process to reach the final 300. During this process, we engage Tribe members in additional dialogue to get clarity on the reasons for their decisions as well as further insight into their industry.

April to July

Finally, after more than 250 hours of vetting meetings at our eight regional hubs across Asia, we finalise the 300 Leaders of Tomorrow on the Gen.T List.

Following this, our editors will schedule photo shoots with our confirmed honourees and begin writing their Gen.T profiles.


We reveal the Gen.T List at official unveiling events across Asia, and publish the Gen.T Magazine, which includes all 300 honourees on the list.


Is the Gen.T List produced by the Tribe?

No. The Tribe is the expert panel we consult when producing the list, but is only one of our sources of information. The list is produced through a rigorous vetting process, with the final decision resting with Gen.T.

Can an honouree be on the Gen.T List multiple times?

Yes—if they have had a significant achievement since their last inclusion that warrants a repeat inclusion on a highly curated list. Honourees can be included a maximum of two years in a row.

How many categories does the Gen.T List have?

We have a total of 18 categories. You can see them all by applying the ‘industry’ filter on the Gen.T List.

Can multiple co-founders appear on the Gen.T List?

Yes, within limits. Every person on the Gen.T List must be weighted on their individual contributions, even if they come from the same company.

Can I nominate a candidate for the Gen.T List?

Yes. You can do so via our public nomination form.

What are the benefits for honourees on the Gen.T List?

Honourees engage with our platform in a number of ways to add value to their lives and businesses.  


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