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Upcoming Events We're On Clubhouse. Come Join Our Weekly Discussions

We're On Clubhouse. Come Join Our Weekly Discussions

We're On Clubhouse. Come Join Our Weekly Discussions
By Generation T
March 13, 2021
We're hosting a weekly ask-me-anything session on Clubhouse with entrepreneurs from the Gen.T community. Here's how you can join

Much like most of the rest of the world, we've been experimenting with audio-only social media app Clubhouse over the past couple of weeks.

If you're one of the few who have no idea what we're talking about, check out our Clubhouse explainer. But if you're one of the thousands of people who've joined the Clubhouse "rooms" we've co-hosted with entrepreneurs from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia—thanks for being with us. 

Spurred on by the overwhelmingly positive response we've received to our AMA (ask me anything) sessions, we are planning a whole series of them. Every Thursday night we'll be asking your questions to leading entrepreneurs from across Asia. Here's the upcoming schedule.

Gen.T Clubhouse Rooms


  • 18 March – AMA w/ Filipino Entrepreneurs
  • 25 March – AMA w/ Hong Kong Entrepreneurs
  • 1 April – AMA w/ Malaysian Entrepreneurs
  • 8 April – AMA w/ Thai Entrepreneurs
  • 15 April – AMA w/ Singaporean Entrepreneurs

From the secret of successful fundraising to how to build a winning company culture, attendees will have the chance to ask their country's leading entrepreneurs what's on their mind. 

All rooms kick off at 9pm (HK/SG time) and last for around an hour—or longer if we're really on a roll. We'll announce the entrepreneurs joining us for each discussion nearer the time. Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates. Better yet, follow our Club on Clubhouse—search for "Entrepreneurs In Asia" on the app or click here to follow

Like audio? Check out Gen.T's podcast Crazy Smart Asia, where we explore the unexpected stories of Asia's disruptors. 


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