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Past Events Video: Highlights Of The Philippine Unveiling Event

Video: Highlights Of The Philippine Unveiling Event

Video: Highlights Of The Philippine Unveiling Event
By Samantha Topp
July 15, 2019
We revealed the 50 Philippine honourees on the Gen.T List 2019 at an official unveiling event in the city

Manila was the fourth city to host an unveiling event for the Gen.T List 2019. We revealed the list in stages, with events across Asia over a number of weeks. After Taipei, Bangkok and Hong Kong, we unveiled the 50 Philippine honourees on our list of 400 young leaders shaping Asia's future at a dinner and afterparty at Shangri-La at the Fort.

The dinner was attended by members of the Tatler Tribe, the panel of industry heavyweights we consult to select the list, as well as the 2019 honourees. At the dinner, Tamara Lamunière, head of Generation T Asia, introduced guests to the Gen.T Asia Summit, a new leadership festival powered by Generation T.

Lynn Pinugu, co-founder of Mano Amiga Philippines, also spoke at the dinner, announcing that the charity will be partnering with Gen.T in the Philippines this year. Mano Amiga works to provide quality education to underserved communities; Gen.T has an event scheduled for September that will bring its community together to aid the organisation in its work. 

Video: Kryss Rubio

After dinner, guests were joined by previous Gen.T honourees and the wider community for the first reveal of the Gen.T List 2019.

A number of 2019 honourees also contributed their talents to the evening, with Mikhail Schemm, co-founder of music and entertainment company CC:Concepts, on the decks. Meanwhile, Mark Ocampo, co-founder of Auro Chocolate, created personalised chocolates for guests and Cyndi Fernandez-Beltran, co-founder of events company Moss Manila, contributed to the overall styling of the night.

At the event, we spoke to 2019 honourees Anna Alejo, education consultant at the World Bank, and Derya Tanghe, managing director of Brisbaine Management Partners, about the power of community. Tribe member Illac Diaz, founder of Liter of Light, spoke of his hopes for this generation. Watch the video to see what they had to say. 


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