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Past Events Cloud Talk: Investment Trends Post-Pandemic

Cloud Talk: Investment Trends Post-Pandemic

Cloud Talk: Investment Trends Post-Pandemic
By Generation T
May 05, 2020
The fourth volume of Cloud Talk looked ahead to the investment trends we can expect to emerge once Covid-19 subsides, with three China-based VCs weighing in

The coronavirus crisis is leading investors to question every assumption they had about the future of the economy. 

As global Covid-19 cases reach the three million mark, we are only starting to see the economic ramifications of the pandemic, and are no less certain what will be a safe bet post-virus. 

For the fourth volume of our Cloud Talk webinar series, we discussed how the virus will change investment trends in the next 12 months and opportunities that could potentially arise post-pandemic.

Moderated by Gen.T's China Editor Christine Chan, the panel included three VCs who are each are involved with startups at different stages of growth. 

Ji Xing, the managing director of Lighthouse Capital, which connects Chinese startups with investors, believes that society post-Covid will see significant developments in areas including online education, online entertainment, remote working, door-to-door services and the medical industry.

In the meantime, Covid-19 is still posing a major global threat. Ken Zhou, a partner at V Star Capital, which focuses on late-stage investments in bio-tech and AI, warned that this is not a good time to start a business, unless you have enough cash flow for the next six months. "It's survival of the fittest," he said. 

On the topic of investing during the time of coronavirus, Peter Mao, a partner of Panda Capital, which focuses on early-stage startups (he was an early investor in bike-sharing unicorn Mobike) said it's really down to two factors: the faith that the CEO has in the business, and whether the company has a reputation for being continuously innovative.

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