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Upcoming Events 4 Speakers You Can't Miss At Techsauce 2019

4 Speakers You Can't Miss At Techsauce 2019

4 Speakers You Can't Miss At Techsauce 2019
Ryan Lee
By Melissa Twigg
By Melissa Twigg
June 17, 2019
Tech is influencing every industry on the planet. These four speakers—and many other stellar panelists—are at forefront of movements that are about to change the way we live

From 19-20 June, a selection of leading luminaries from organisations where technology, creativity and culture overlap will gather in Bangkok for Techsauce Global Summit 2019 at the Centara Grand.

A range of diverse communities will gather for two days of discussions and networking, including social entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, filmmakers, athletes and LGBTQ activists.

Topics on the agenda include diversity and inclusion, smart cities, travel tech, blockchain, clean energy, AI, health technology and more. 

Here are a few highlights among the strong programme.

1/4 Jeanne Lim

Who? Jeanne Lim is the CEO of Hanson Robotics Limited—creator of the world's most famous walking, talking AI creature, Sophia the Robot, and her robot sister, Little Sophia, which Lim helped co-create. She has over 25 years of business management and marketing experience in the technology industry at Danaher, Dell, Cisco-Tandberg, 3Com, as well in Silicon Valley. She was also the product and business manager for Apple in Asia Pacific, responsible for launching many of Apple’s groundbreaking products across the region.

Topics we're interested in Are robots really going to replace our jobs? And if so, do we need to put legislation and new social policies in place now? Also, whose culture takes precedence? Is it AI and robotics that has to conform to the current culture, or is it culture that has to conform to the new world of AI and robotics? Lim debates with other speakers on the key issues humanity will have to grapple with over the next two decades. 

Quote this “With Little Sophia we are thrilled to provide an opportunity to empower young girls around the world by introducing Stem, coding, and AI in a fun and adventurous way. Bringing girls into this world is one of my missions.”


2/4 Amrit Dhir

Who? As head of startup connections at Google for Startups, Amrit Dhir connects promising tech entrepreneurs to those who can help them, drawing from his extensive network and experience in new business development. He specialises in AI as well as business strategy, partnerships and operations. For challenges and opportunities beyond his immediate skill and experience set, he works with entrepreneurs to identify and refine their needs. Importantly, he measures his success not in financial terms but by the success of the startups he connects.

Topics we're interested in Startups are typically formed from a small, exclusive group, but as they grow in size the need to build a team culture is greater than ever—and something certain startups struggle with. Dhir discusses what makes a positive and productive team culture and how founders can steer their team in the right direction when it comes to fostering a supportive environment that will make their startup successful. Elsewhere, he will talk about what he learned from some of Google's most ambitious projects, including Verily's Project Baseline; X's killed cargo airships investigation; and Google Helpouts.

Quote this "We may all be tech guys, but to get ahead it’s amazing how much an actual interpersonal interaction matters. Resumes only say so much; cover letters say a lot less. Get out in front of people."


3/4 Ryan Lee

Who? If you have a kid, you either want to thank Ryan Lee or strangle him. Why? Because Lee is the co-founder of SmartStudy, the global entertainment company behind the beloved children’s brand Pinkfong—which children are completely obsessed with. Through Pinkfong, the company has produced more than 4,000 songs and stories such as Baby Shark, which created a viral phenomenon around the world. The company’s Pinkfong app series is the highest grossing educational content on mobile in 112 countries, with 200 million downloads worldwide.

Topics The global phenomenon that is the Baby Shark song has changed the foundation of children's entertainment. In one speech, Lee discusses what the song’s success means for viral kid's content. Elsewhere, Korea-born Lee opens up on the K-Pop global phenomenon, what it means for government-sponsored entertainment and why K-Pop will conquer the global market. 

Quote this “Mobile devices aren’t just babysitters. Parents need to have a keen interest in what content their children watch rather than just giving them a screen. A good way of forming a healthy relationship with technology starts with making small promises and communicating with your children.”

4/4 Kaidi Ruusalepp

Who Kaidi Ruusalepp, founder of Funderbeam and former chief executive of the Tallinn Stock Exchange, was just 20 years old when she was recruited by the Estonian government to write the country’s digital signatures regulation. The experience gave her a love of innovation—as evidenced by the fact that a few years ago, Ruusalepp had an idea to build a game to teach young people how to use the stock market. Initially for teenagers to trade with assets they would find exciting, like startups, Ruusalepp soon realised that she was building more than a game. Today, Funderbeam is a platform for investors to fund and trade startups—or high-growth private companies—with enough liquidity, or activity from buyers and sellers, so that traders could get in and out of the market when they want. 

Topics we're interested in Discussion around blockchain and its uses are ongoing. However, when it comes to real life, there is very little evidence that the technology is being used as it was initially envisioned. What are the challenges it faces? And why is its development being prohibited?

Quote this "The blockchain solves one thing in the industry and that is trust. Stock markets originated in coffee shops, where traders met in person. In the centuries since, intermediaries such as brokers and exchanges have been introduced to provide security, standing between the seller and the buyer of the shares. Blockchain connects the buyer and the seller again, just digitally."

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